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SereniMat Balance & Bliss Yoga Mat

SereniMat Balance & Bliss Yoga Mat

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Step onto a cloud of comfort and balance with our SereniMat Balance & Bliss Yoga Mat. It’s not just a mat—it’s your personal space of tranquility, designed to accompany you on your journey towards a healthier mind and body.

Crafted with a microsuede top layer, our yoga mat offers an incredibly soft and soothing surface, allowing you to move with ease and grace. Whether you're deepening your Downward Dog or floating into Shavasana, the SereniMat ensures a touch of luxury in every move.

But don't let the softness fool you. With a robust rubber base, this mat provides the stability you need. The anti-slip rubber bottom grips onto the floor firmly, ensuring no sliding or slipping during your practice.

Measuring 24″ × 68″ (61 cm × 173 cm) and weighing 62 oz. (1.75 kg), the SereniMat is easy to roll and carry, making it your perfect yoga companion at home or in the studio. The 0.12″ (3 mm) thickness strikes the perfect balance between comfort and connection to the ground, offering you an optimal base for your practice.

The SereniMat Balance & Bliss Yoga Mat is your canvas for expression and your sanctuary for relaxation. Here's to a yoga experience that inspires joy, invites style, and celebrates your unique journey.
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